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Inverto and Delta Blue Carbon to pilot mangrove planting using drones in Pakistan

Delta Blue Carbon (DBC) is one of the most impressive mangrove projects worldwide and the largest in area. Located between the bustling city of Karachi and the border to India, it lies on the south-east coast of Sindh at the mouth of the Indus River in Pakistan. Imagine an endless labyrinth of river channels and creeks, sandy and muddy islands where now mangroves are growing. An incredibly beautiful and rich habitat that provides critical ecosystem services, productive fisheries for the local communities, coastal protection, playground for migratory birds and carbon sequestration for our planet.

DBC is protecting and restoring mangrove forests over an enormous area of several hundred thousand hectares. Mangroves, as well as being critical ecosystems for global biodiversity, are also superstars of carbon sequestration, capturing over four times more carbon than terrestrial forests at rates up to four times faster, which allows DBC to fund these restoration efforts through the sale of carbon credits. With the growing interest globally for so-called Blue Carbon and solutions for the large-scale loss of biodiversity, DBC are actively scaling up their restoration efforts.

Inverto attended a meet up with local stakeholders and international investors to visit the mangroves and perform a demo of our drone-based planting system.

In December 2022, Inverto will be conducting a pilot with DBC for large-scale mangrove restoration using drones, opening the way for faster and more efficient mangrove planting methods for blue carbon projects. Using an off-the-shelf drone equipped with a specialised system adapted specifically for mangroves, the local teams will cover several dozen hectares in total over the course of the pilot.

We cannot wait to get our hands dirty and plant mangroves together with DBC.


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