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Welcome to INVERTO

At the rate that we are heading to a climate, biodiversity and ecological catastrophe it is not going to be enough to slow down our impacts. We need to invert them. And that’s our mission at INVERTO.

We founded INVERTO as we are passionate about finding solutions to the climate crisis that make ecological sense. Ever since, we're working hard every day to deliver better ways to restore ecosystems.

INVERTO is a young and energetic company looking to save the planet through innovations that scale. Headquartered in the old town of Bern Switzerland with projects worldwide, we’re a small team who love what we do. Our team is dynamic and constantly evolving, and if you think you can help us with our mission, we want to hear from you!

Let's turn grey to green and invert what deserves to be inverted!

All the best from INVERTO!


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